Welcome to Malnati & Associates
Malnati & Associates

Our Services and Client Experience
We're a bit different and we know it. Fortunately, our clients are the type of companies who appreciate that.
  • We don't try to be everything to everyone. We stick to our core competency in industrial B2B marketing communications.

  • We're true team players. While we certainly understand politics, we know that life is more pleasant and projects flow more smoothly when game playing is kept to a minimum.

  • We know we're not for the meek of heart or those content to be industry's second best. We're competitive and outspoken, and we like clients who are as well.

  • We're not yes-men. And, yes, we do have opinions on almost everything.

  • We aren't providing our best if we can't influence the strategy. If you're paying for our expertise, you might as well use all of it.

  • We long ago got bored doing things the same old way. Life and marketing are both contact sports. No one ever accused us of being risk adverse.
If yours is the kind of company looking for an innovative communications partner who will burn the midnight oil to make impossible deadlines, sweat the very last detail, and take an old-fashioned sense of pride in the quality of our shared work, we may be the right agency for you.

Many Ways to Work Together
Not everyone wants to rush into a long-term contractual arrangement. Not everybody is content to be sole-sourced for all communications services. We recognize that, so we've developed a number of ways you can work with us. These include:
  • Stand-alone projects – usually billed as a flat-fee plus expenses,

  • Subcontracted services – usually billed through another lead agency,

  • Programs – usually billed on a retainer basis for a set number of hours and/or services, plus expenses.
Quite honestly, we care deeply about pleasing our customer and ensuring the high quality of our products. That's what gets us repeat business…and larger programs in years to come.

We care a whole lot less about who's in charge as long as everyone is willing to play nice in the sandbox and work as a team. We really don't care whose name is on the check – just so long as it gets there on time and doesn't bounce.

Why We Exist
While it may sound trite, we recognize that the primary reason we exist as an organization – aside from bringing home a regular paycheck – is to serve our clients' marketing communications needs. Without our clients, we wouldn't last long. Hence, to best serve our customers, we believe in a flexible approach to account service. We're willing to step in and take the lead when it's appropriate, but we're equally content to drop back and participate in consensus decision-making when that serves the best interests of client and project or program.

We just wanted you to know that we know that it's all about you!

One Size Does Not Fit All
There are many agencies out there. They come in all shapes and sizes, temperaments and cultures.

A number of them are quite good. Some of them aren't.

Many of them are much larger than we are. A few are much smaller.

Some will sell you services you don't need or can't use just because.

Some agencies wouldn't admit to having an opinion if they tripped over it.

Then there are the agencies whose collective ego barely fits in your lobby.

Clearly, when selecting an agency that meets your needs and fits your culture, one size does not fit all.