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Malnati & Associates

Our Services and Client Experience
Our core competency is developing communications strategies and products for B2B marketing programs. Our deliverables are the vehicles by which our clients' marketing messages are communicated to their target audiences and their brand image is developed, maintained, and fine-tuned.

Through our network of affiliates, we can also translate these tools into virtually any language and distribute them nearly anywhere on the planet.

Why Companies Use Us
Our clients use our services because quite simply we're the best! We're fast, experienced, creative, professional, and we offer good value.

Some of our clients even think we're fun.

But fun isn't enough. We have an excellent work ethic and decades of experience. We cut our teeth on some of the most innovative marketing and communications programs in industry. Our work gets results!

We never shy away from digging into the most esoteric technical details of a product or service. We do this not just because we're curious, but also because we believe it helps us explain the benefits of our clients' offerings in a clearer and more understandable manner. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about in our line of work.

Whether your company sells nanotechnology, hybrid composites, powertrain components, or business-leadership training services, we can help you enhance your image, develop and promote your brand, increase your sales, and impact your bottom line. Plug into real talent with experience!

Clients We Have Served
While the Malnati & Associates name is new, we've been around for a long time working for global industry under many different corporate monikers and wearing numerous hats. You will undoubtedly recognize many of the clients we have served.

• Allied Signal Plastics (became Honeywell Engineering Plastics; now part of BASF)
• Cabot Corporation Carbon Black
• Conoco Carbon Fiber (now Conoco-Phillips)
• DME (now Cincinnati Milacron)
• Dow Corning
• General Electric Company
  (GE Plastics, GE Silicones, GE Superabrasives, GE Corporate R&D)
• General Motors
• Hercules Aerospace
• Himont (now Montel)
• Hoechst Celanese (now Ticona)
• Hummingbird Colors
• Hyperion Catalysis International
• ICI Polyurethanes (now Huntsman Polyurethanes)
• Jamak
• Johnson Controls
• M.A. Hanna (now PolyOne Corp.)
• Moldmasters
• PolyOne Corp.
• Quadrant Plastic Composites (formerly Symalit)
• Shakespeare Monofilament
• Society of Plastics Engineers - Automotive Division
• Society of the Plastics Industry - Structural Plastics Division
• Takata
• Toray Plastics (PEF Div.)
• Universal Superabrasives (now part of Norton-Winter Group of Saint- Gobain)
• Vetrotex (formerly CertainTeed and now part of Saint-Gobain)
• Warner Lambert Company Novon Polymers

Services We Provide
Business Communications
  • Internal Newsletters
  • External Newletters
  • eNewsletters and eZines
  • Message Maps
  • Market Intelligence
  • Training
Science & Technology Writing
  • White Papers
  • Peer-Reviewed Conf. Papers
  • Design Guides & Datasheets
  • Operating/Assembly Manuals
Marketing Communications
  • Presentations
  • Media Relations
  • Press Releases & Press Kits
  • Trends Pieces
  • By-Lined Articles
  • Spokesmanship Programs
  • Magazine Articles
  • Collateral Literature
  • Multilingual Translations
  • Sales Kits
Advertising Services
  • Print Ads
  • Direct Mail
  • eDirect Mail Campaigns
  • Market Research
New Media
  • CDs
  • Websites